Leak detection suite


We have various leak detection solutions based RTTM, Negative pressure wave technology. Other than the conventional leak detection principles we have our indigenous principle such as Real time statistical analysis

Theft detection suite


Thefts are real problems on cross country pipelines. Along with environment safety the efficiency of logistics comes on stake in oil pipelines due to thefts. We have accurate theft detection systems for pipelines

Hydrant tightness monitoring


Modern airport are equipped with advance hydrant systems for refuelling aircrafts. We have JIG compliant Hydrant tightness monitoring with accuracy of 0.04 l/hr/cum

Non destructive testing


We have the latest NDT system based on phonon emissions. This technology is developed in Russia used and  worldwide.

Pipeline operation management


Pipeline operations include pigging, Batch tracking, pipeline integrity monitoring, etc. We have world-class systems for accomplishing these pipeline operations

Out of Box tools


We have some out of the box indigenous equipments from Atmos