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Atmos receives Queen's Award for ENTERPRISE:INNOVATION 2020


Atmos International (Atmos) has received the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2020 for its Atmos Wave product 

Founded by Dr Jun Zhang in 1995, Atmos now applies its leak detection technologies to over 1,500 pipelines in more than 60 countries. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, it employs over 180 people globally. Its technology - Atmos Wave, which uses negative pressure wave leak detection methods, detects much smaller leaks and thefts and locates them more accurately than other systems in the market.

Atmos Wave is offered alongside Atmos Pipe, Atmos’ founding software product, to detect pipeline leaks and thefts around the world. In addition, Atmos offers a broad range of hardware including non-intrusive flow and pressure sensors designed to work with Atmos Wave, Atmos Wave Flow and other proprietary software developed in-house.