Transformer Condition monitoring


We  offer complete transformer online condition monitoring solutions including but not limited to Online Dissolved Gas Analyzer, Smart breather, Online partial Discharge monitoring, Online Bushing monitor, Moisture, Temperature & Pressure monitoring. 

Electrical testing & Measuring Instruments


We offer complete set of Electrical Testing and Measuring instruments such as Insulation tester, Thermal Imaging camera, Earth tester,  Multimeter & Clampmeter, Power Quality analyzer , Portable partial Discharge tester, portable Safety tester for Electrical appliances etc.

Electrical panels PCC, MCC, DCDB, Switchgear panel


We offer online insulation resistance and leakage current monitoring with automatic fault location system. Fire prevention through Online temperature monitoring of cable termination and Busbars. NGR monitoring Relays for NGR Panels. Industrial Batteries.

Synthetic and Natural Transformer Oil


We offer synthetic and natural ester based transformer fluids which are fire safe, readily biodegradable, free from corrosive sulphur compounds and have excellent dielectric characteristics. Ester fluids have also been shown to extend the life of cellulose insulation.

Switchgear / GIS conditioning monitoring


We offer Online Fixed as well as Online Partial discharge monitoring system based on UHF Technology. Online Breaker Condition monitor. We also offer Online SF6 Gas density monitor which generates automatic regulatory emission reports .

Motor / Generator condition monitoring


We offer Online Partial Discharge          monitoring, Motor Current Signature Analyzer, Air Gap monitor, Stator Wedge Analyzer, End Winding Vibration monitor, Dielectric Response Analyzer, Online/Offline Insulation Monitor etc .

Cable fault location Equipment


We offer Cable Fault locator, Underground Cable Locator/Route Tracer, Cable Partial Discharge monitoring, Cable Lugs & Battery Powered Crimping Tools upto 400 sqmm. Temperature Monitoring of Cable Termination etc required by utility industries.

Power quality and mitigation


We offer Class A Power Quality Analyzer, Power Quality & harmonic measuremnt and Analysis Service for complete plant. We  offer Power Quality Correction and mitigation products like Active harmonic Filters, Passive harmonic filters, Automatic Power Factor Correction etc.

Transmission Lines


We offer Lightning protection System for transmission line based on patented EQ Technology. We also offer light weight,  battery powered Hydraulic Cutting and Crimping Tools, Corona Camera, Tower Footing Resistance meter.