Atmos wave


Atmos Wave detects the rarefaction wave caused by a leak in a pipeline. When a leak occurs, a rarefaction wave travels in both directions along a pipeline. Using fast response pressure meters Atmos Wave filters the pressure signals to find those with the frequency and magnitude of a leak. The time at which the pressure signal reaches each pressure meter is used to determine the location of the leak extremely accurately.

Atmos wave flow


Atmos’ newest LDS uses elements from both volume balance and rarefaction wave methods. The sophisticated system uses a multi-element model to reduce uncertainty and improve performance. Atmos Wave Flow can potentially detect a theft as quickly as 2 minutes with sensitivity as small as 0.1% of the flow rate. This means even the smallest of tapping points can be detected using this system. 

Atmos ODIN


  This revolutionary battery-based theft detection solution has been designed for pipelines previously in a detection ‘black hole’ – for example, in areas without power or communications, or where standard detection units are undesirable for aesthetic reasons (as in National Parks). Small and inconspicuous, it can be hidden near suspected tapping points, yet has the sensitivity of permanent detection systems

Atmos Theftnet


Theft Net combines fixed and portable hardware solutions to collect and analyse pipeline data. Experienced engineers trained in the latest theft detection techniques analyse the data in greater detail to locate the theft site to within meters. The human element adds superior accuracy while maintaining highly sensitive theft detection without the distraction of false alarms.

Atmos Guardian


Guardian hardware can be placed to optimize leak detection in slack pipeline sections as well as filled pipeline sections.Uses comprehensive algorithms to filter process noise and interference from pressure data associated with the rarefaction wave, caused by the onset of a leak, into a detailed 3-dimensional map. This map allows the system to clearly differentiate true leak/theft events from the pressure changes caused by transient operation. 

Atmos Rupture detection


Atmos Rupture Detector alarms with a high level of reliability, providing the confidence to quickly shut-down a pipeline in the event of a rupture. It uses three separate algorithms for rupture detection and has been tested with hundreds of rupture scenarios on a wide variety of pipeline types using data from real rupture events, as well as simulated rupture data.