Batch tracking system


With Atmos Batch, a pipeline operator knows for certain the location of the head and tail of every batch in a multiple product pipeline to swing valves with confidence at the time they arrive at their destination. An accurate visual display reports batch details and other valuable information to the commercial department, helping to optimize sales revenues.

Pig tracking system


Atmos Pig accurately tracks and displays every pig within a pipeline route in clear, visual displays with real-time updates on the position, velocity, and ETAs for upcoming stations or points-of-interest for every pig currently active in a pipeline, helping pipeline controllers optimize their operations and maximize productivity

Pipeline Surge analysis


Do Being able to predict operational conditions within a pipeline is difficult, but being able to identify surges that could cause potential problems or bursts is even harder.  For many operators, this is a very demanding and time consuming task due to the many thousands of miles of pipelines to be analysed.

Data management system


In an operational environment, data may originate from a wide range of systems. It is important to ensure that the data is validated and securely backed up. A robust interface between an online application and field data is essential to the everyday running of the application. Atmos Data Manager connects to all pipeline and process control systems to ensure the smooth running of any online or offline applications. It is a durable OPC interface among online, offline, SCADA, DCS field data and third party applications.

Hydraulic profiler


Understanding the pressure along any pipeline is helpful in optimizing the efficiency and safety of operations. Pipelines with elevation changes have particular safety challenges. Any pipeline with elevation changes must operate at a pressure high enough to avoid or minimize vapor pocket formation without violating the pipeline’s maximum allowable operating pressure. Excessively high pressure can cause a pipeline to rupture. If the operating pressure is too low, the collapse of a vapor pocket can cause a shock wave along the pipeline that can damage equipment.

Atmos GMS


It is essential that pipeline operators know that the amount of gas being transported in their pipeline will meet the anticipated demand, while ensuring that the companies shipping inventoried product in their pipeline are accurately billed. With multiple gas batches traveling within the line with differing owners, it can be incredibly challenging and time consuming to accurately monitor these activities. Atmos GMS is a gas management system (GMS) providing administrative and communication support between the pipeline operator (transporter) and the pipeline stake holders