Atmos online tightness monitoring


Atmos Tightness Monitor is a statistical tightness monitoring system used to test for leaks in airport hydrants. It uses sequential probability ratio test (SPRT) to detect changes in the overall pressure.

SPRT analyzes the pressure variation over a high pressure and then a lower pressure to confirm the tightness of a test section. The system does not require temperature sensors for leak confirmation. Wave Gen acquisition units provide leak location.

Compliant with EI 1540, EI 1560, JIG2, and JIG4.

Atmos portable tightness monitoring


The field portable version of the system is supplied in two Peli™ cases and can be quickly connected to the hydrant pipeline by the operator. Following completion of the test it can be quickly disconnected and moved to other hydrant segments for further testing. The hardware can be connected to the hydrant via a coupler on a refuelling point or via a low point drain.

Compliant with EI 1540, EI 1560, JIG2, and JIG4.

Atmos leak calibration manifold


Specifically designed portable leak trial manifold capable of accurate, low-flow measurement in hazardous areas in order to verify a tightness monitoring system on an airport fuel hydrant system.