Multistage back pressure steam turbine (BMT)


 The BMT -6 is a workhorse Multistage Steam Turbine delivering exceptional performance at High Efficiency and Trouble-Free operation. The Turbine has the Latest Engineering Features and meets the rigorous demand of Process Industry. It operates with world class Woodward Electronic Governing system and PLC Control Panel 

Extraction condensing steam turbine (BCT)



The BCT - 6  Condensing Turbine Is a sturdy turbine designed for Captive Power Generation.

It has provision For Extracting steam for Deaerator or Process Steam at low pressure. 

Single stage steam turbine (BT)


 BT -4 and BT -6 Turbines have been developed for small steam users. These turbines are sold at comparatively lower price and have helped a large number of users to take advantage of Cogeneration with minimum investment. In fact, a very large proportion of these BT - 4 users have saved substantially enough to expand to Bigger Factories and have installed Multistage turbines within 2 - 3 years 

Pressure reducing saturated steam turbine (PRT)


The PRT Saturated Steam Turbine has been specially developed for Process Industry like Paper, Chemicals, Milk, Textiles, Green Houses, etc, where Pressure Reducing Station can be replaced with a Pressure Reducing Turbine. After installing the turbine, Superheat in steam from PRV Station is eliminated, thereby speeding up the Heat Transfer in Processing equipment. The Turbine is designed to operate at inlet pressures as low as 8 Kg/cm2g. The Turbine has a PLC Panel and the operator can set the Back Pressure of Steam on the Colour HMI as required by the Process. The Turbine is Grid Synchronised and Power flows directly to the plant.