Atmos ODIN


Odin is an easy-to-use, offline, data acquisition unit, designed to provide leak and theft detection on pipelines in remote areas without power or communications. This small, self-powered, low-maintenance unit attaches directly to the pipeline at any available tapping point with no need for external power or communication, whether it is in a plant, a refinery, a pump station or a valve pit. Atmos JSP is data logger with industrial grade protection.

ATmos halo


This is a clamp-on pressure transmitter for pipelines. Combined with high resolution data logging and proprietary digital signal processing algorithms the non-intrusive sensor detects small pressure changes. Working with Atmos Wave leak detection software, the sensor tracks progressive pressure changes that occur over long periods of time. 

Atmos eclipse


This non-intrusive technology assures low-cost installation of leak detection for shut-in and flowing conditions with minimal downtime. Integrated ultrasonic transducers automatically detect process direction, speed-of-sound, and flow magnitude.