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We are one stop for all industrial product sourcing needs
We, OM Technical Solutions are pleased to mention that we are the regular industrial suppliers to various power plants, electricity companies, refineries, etc.

We represent
We would like to inform that we are the regular suppliers of various industrial spares and accessories like HT / LT motors of various makes such as CGL, ABB, Siemens, Bharat Bijlee, and NGEF, spares of this motors including NGEF motors, which are out of production. Circuit breaker, Generator, GCB spares. Batteries, Load bank, etc. Hydraulic trolleys, pallet trucks, telescopic tower ladders. Test and measuring instruments of Indigenous and International brand such as Extech, APFC panels for power factor improvements. Test and measuring instruments.

In case, if you need any further information / Clarification on the subject, please contact us.